Graduation project “FEMALE MASCARADE”




“Female Mascarade” is a contemporary circus act that aims to expose with humor, self-mockery and subtlety the absurd conditioning of women in our society. The act is accessible for all the ages. With the help of handstands, acrobatic movements and her clownish mask, Nastassja undresses the clichés to explore and discover the many facets of her own femininity. As an audience we are looking at an introspective journey of a young woman who shows us an evolution from being put into this “woman mask” towards self-acceptance. Nastassja, is a funny, beautiful, sensual woman and clown who in her act offers a staging and artistic choreography faithful to her image, aesthetic and authentic. 


My goal is to expose the conditioning of femininity of having tocorrespond to societal expectations and criteria’s. In popular knowledge as well as in the collective imagination, the clown is a male figure. My first motivation is to prove wrong to these clichés and to normalize the woman clown figure within our society. By adding a comic aspect to my artistic work, it is for me a tool of expressing myself freely on societal subjects that matter to me as a young woman. Using the clichés to deconstruct them is a way for me to achieve self-acceptance.